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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hammas, in the media age you cannot hide your intentions

It's all in how you listen, who you listen to and how the message is framed.

A PR war is underway just as missiles and jets fly, bombs explode and people get wounded and killed. Hamas does their best to show children killed or maimed but spin attacks as against civilians. FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS all reported an attack on a FOX/Skynews and Hamas television broadcast center as being against the transmitting tower. Meanwhile an NPR American reporter saw rockets launched by Hamas from the parking lot of the building and reported the Israeli aerial attack as being a precision hit on the missile site. Similar ground reporters have seen rockets launched from near Mosques and schools, and report being shown missilies being hidden inside businesses, schools and Mosques.

What country would allow missiles to be launched against is from within territory that is legally theirs, or at the very lease right next to them. It would be like missiles were launched at Texas from Mexico or Florida from Puerto Rico.

The type of warfare leads to civilian loss, tragic consequences and both sides being vilified.

Pray for a peace that includes no more missiles launched against Israeli towns and cities, or air strikes against densely populated Palestinian Gaza.

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