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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bear with

I spent most of a decade working on my PhD in Education, while putting together part time jobs to must barely make bills, and giving freely to the members of the Screen Actors Guild in professional quality unpaid national board service.

My PhD defense is Thursday. Much to review and much preparation for a grueling oral exam.

Now news that the last member of my parents generation, a women who was like a second mother to me, my Aunt Ann, passed way Wednesday morning at 1:30 AM, one month short of her 92nd birthday.

I will have to focus on a few things over the next several weeks, so quanity, quality or currency of content on this blog may shift day to day.

Teaching for a short time six sections of three different courses at three different colleges; coaching actors at Casting Call and privately; putting in my time on Sundays at Nevada Public Radio (KNPR 88.9 FM), making decisions about my mom and aunt's estate; trying to figure out how to afford a holiday overpriced trip to go through things at the house and attend the service, including car rental and supplies as needed.

A lot on my plate, plus the holidays.

I will do my best to keep this blog interesting and up to date, but be aware there may be come temporary changes to meet the demands life dishes out.

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