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Friday, May 19, 2017

What is communication?

Universal integrated critical thinking involves being open to how things tie together, how they inter-relate, how we are dependent on each other, and how life is not in tight little boxes or between the lines.

Recently I was told that media news and theater do not belong on a communication blog. When I pushed, and listened, I found out the person criticizing me, who has solid communication academic credentials, thought that communication was limited to what is in communication textbooks. Apparently media, although taught in those textbooks, is not communication, and the interaction of playwright, crew, cast, audience, art and society are also not communication.

Communication is an interaction that leads to a transaction of ideas, intents, information, emotion or reasoned actions. 

There are other definitions.

All of them take mass media, creative arts (including theater and film), political and social issues and all human interaction under their umbrella. Some even go beyond our species.

This blog continues to integrate all aspects of communication, although a large amount of the film, theater and television coverage has moved to following the conversation I referred to and the merger of the Screen Actors Guild with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (who represent the music, recording, broadcast, television and commercial industries) into SAG-AFTRA.

It just seemed natural to make the shift.

I am also not using both blogs not as much as teaching tools as a informational links and exploration.

Your feedback and ideas are always welcome.

Art Lynch

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