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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Volunteers Needed

From time to time I receive information on community volunteer activities, and I send information on those activities out to faculty so that those who are interested can participate.  New faculty usually do not know of community volunteer activities in which to participate.  I will be sending out several of these this week.

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission is in need of volunteers to serve at the Mission.  The Mission is a faith-based organization which serves the homeless and hungry in the inner city.  They serve over 300,000 free meals each year, provide over 42,000 beds to the homeless each year, hand out clothing to over 16,000 people a year, and have over 300 residents in a year-long substance abuse recovery program.  The free residential recovery program for men & women helps individuals break addictions and become productive members of society.

Currently, CSN’s DWED serves the Mission by teaching GED courses at the mission.  There are significant opportunities to serve at the mission, and CSN faculty can volunteer to meet any of these needs for those in the recovery program;

1).  They need GED tutors.  DWED provides the GED courses to individuals in the recovery program, but those in the GED course cannot get additional tutoring because they are not permitted to leave the Mission during their recovery program.  Volunteers do not need special training to tutor individuals in the high school subjects for a GED.  CSN faculty can volunteer to tutor for 2 or more hours per week at the Mission.  They estimate that their 10 students need about 20 hours of tutoring total per week.

2).  They need Spanish-speaking GED tutors.  Spanish-fluent faculty can meet this need.

3).  The Mission would like to get an ESL course taught at the Mission for 2 hours per day to teach English to those who are not fluent.  If you teach or have taught an ESL course, you can help here.

4).  They would like to have an ESL GED course at the Mission.  If you teach or have taught an ESL course, you can help here.

5).  They need computer literacy and software (MS Office) training at the Mission.  Most faculty can volunteer for this.

6).  They need to have typing courses taught at the Mission so that those in the recovery program can type on the computers efficiently.  They could also use typing software.  Again, most faculty can teach this.

I volunteer at the Mission by mentoring men in the recovery program, and can it is a worthwhile organization to serve.  You can get more information about the Mission from their web page  All volunteers go through a short orientation program to work at the Mission.  For further information or to volunteer for the Mission, please call Tim Baker at 382-1766 or email him at

- Charles Milne <Charles.Milne@CSN.EDU>

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