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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Viva Wicked!

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed "Wicked" at the Smith Center last night. On a six week run, this is a pricey but must see show for anyone who loves theater, musicals or has children 8 and up whom they want to introduce to live theater. It gives a new take as a prequel and back story telling of "The Wizard of Oz" with the wicked witch and good witch as school roommates and friends.The Equity players take us through a fast, enjoyable and very complete story, leaving us wanting more.

My recommendation is to see the show.

Go in through the regular doors...many are funneled through slow and crowded revolving doors.

A few notes for the Smith Centre.

It is as well built, designed and impressive inside as presented in all the pre-opening hype.

Seats for a six foot four person are a bit close together, but very comfortable none-the-less.

Sound and sight lines are fantastic!

The valet takes too long and it is too hard to get to the self park. You are routed through valet like it or not on your way to self park. Recovery time on vehicles is also longer than casino's, despite a strong crew of hustling drivers.

Lines for the too few bars were long and prices high.

The promise of an affordable evening for most Las Vegans are not evident in the price structure and logistics of the Smith Center, at least for a sold out performance of "Wicked".

I am being picky, as "Wicked" is worth making that once in a long while excursion to the theater for anyone who has any feeling that they may enjoy a live musical.

-Art Lynch

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