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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This election why is health care reform considered evil?

Teddy Roosevelt (R)
Warren Harding  (R)
Franklin D. Roosevelt  (D)
Dwight D Eisenhower  (R)
Richard Nixon  (R)
Bill Clinton  (D)
Barrack Obama  (D)

The presidents who worked to provide every citizen with health care coverage, regardless of age or previous health. The arguments, both true and false, on the opposite sides have been near the same. The strength of the power structure to defeat efforts defeated all but Obama in their efforts to provide basic health to all Americans.

Interestingly what is labeled Obama-care does not come close to the liberal nature of the health care presidential candidate Mitt Romney championed as governor. 

It most closely resembles the Republican alternative offered, but never passed, even with a Republican house and senate, under Clinton.

And Obama did not craft Obama care; the house and senate did. He was for a more complete, less insurance company dependent system.

Who is really behind efforts to paint Obama-care as evil taxation and an attack on America?

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