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Monday, December 31, 2012

Does NPR Have a Liberal Bias?

No one who is Republican or conservative will agree with what studies have shown concerning NPR.... 

Public Radio slants slightly to the right, not left.

What people object to is that public radio does not fit their own views and bias (on all issues).

Aired 9-17-2012

Without federal assistance less than two percent of the programming funds will be lost by the network, but as much as 30% of the funds that bring radio and TV to rural communities and small cities. Now politicians on both sides of the isle, but mostly Republicans, are crying to defund the Corporation of  Public Broadcasting because of a perceived "liberal" bias.

 Non-bias academic studies by numerous organizations, operating separately, have found that if anything NPR is bias to the right of center, considered by many conservatives as "liberal" and not centrist. 

When extreme left and right media are eliminated, NPR comes out exactly center.
Also there is a significant difference between stations that must please advertisers and work in the commercial sector and those in the non-profit sector, including religious braodcasters.
Not all media is liberal and all reporters are Democrats. In fact, while most low paid entry level staff may be Democrats, like the rest of society, those at the top tend to be Republican. 
NPR's program "On The Media"spend an entire hour examining the role and bias of public braodcasting (click here for access to the web site).

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This week, a full hour of highlights from our exploration of liberal bias and public media, which we conducted in March of 2011. Brooke talks to NPR listeners, pollsters, media watchers, and This American Life's Ira Glass in search of an answer to the question: does NPR have a liberal bias?

A Brief History of Bias Accusations Against NPR

In this rebroadcast of our investigation into whether NPR has a liberal bias, Brooke looks at the recent history of NPR scandals, and the consistent drumbeat by conservative lawmakers to defund public broadcasting.

Ira Glass's Challenge

This American Life's Ira Glass drops by to issue a challenge to Brooke and Bob to investigate what he sees as the false charge of liberal bias in public radio and NPR.

Does NPR Have a Liberal Bias?

OTM takes up the question posed by Ira Glass: Does NPR have a liberal bias? Brooke wrestles first with the (surprisingly hard to define) terms. What is liberal? What is bias? What is NPR? We then hear three different perspectives on NPR’s political leanings from political scientist Daniel Hallin, media researcher Tom Rosenstiel and conservative volunteer-listener Sam Negus.

Conclusions on NPR's Liberal Bias

The final installment of our exploration into the question: Does NPR have a liberal bias? In this segment we hear from conservative listeners Sam Negus and Kevin Putt. Then FAIR's Steve Rendall provides his take on our endeavor. PEW's Tom Rosenstiel reports his findings in examining NPR's coverage for bias. And finally, Ira Glass returns to discuss what he learned from our coverage.

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