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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stand up for CSN. Tell the legislature to vote for funding.

Maybe you read the article about the Funding Formula Legislative Committee Meeting in today's Sun.  Several individuals were quoted in the article, and none said anything positive about the proposed funding formula.  UNLV students were asked to show up in force to ask for increased funding for UNLV.  CSN faculty need to show up in force to ask the Legislative committee to approve the NSHE approved funding formula.  If it is not passed tomorrow, it is unlikely CSN will see increased funding and the chronic underfunding will continue.

Let me put it in numbers.  All these numbers address the general fund appropriations from the state.  I will assume constant dollars over the next years and compare everything to the funding for 2012, which was $77.5 million for CSN.  Without the funding formula, CSN will receive something near that $77.5 million plus a possible small increase based on the hope that the economy will improve.  The proposed funding formula includes letting institutions keep their tuition which benefits CSN about $6 million and this is included in these scenarios.  If the funding formula as written is approved, and they implement the drastic mitigation approved the the Regents for 4 years, over those 4 years CSN will gain about $37.8 million compared  to what we would have gotten without the formula.  We would only lose about $8.2 million to mitigation.  That is about $37.8 million gain to CSN with the formula and about $0 without the formula total for 4 years.  If the mitigation is ended after 2 years, CSN would gain about $16.8 million total for those 2 years, and only lose $5.2 million to mitigation.  That is about $16.8 million gain to CSN with the formula and about $0 without the formula.

I think it is pretty clear that CSN benefits in a big way if the proposed funding formula passes.  The comments from the committee were fairly negative about the proposed funding formula.  There is nothing else that will or can be approved by that committee.  There is no alternative as I see it - it will be an up or down vote on the proposed funding formula with a few modifications.  We need many CSN faculty and students to speak during public comment and support the proposed funding formula.  Public comment starts at 9AM in the second floor ballroom of the UNLV Student Union Building.  Please let faculty who have to get back for a class speak first.  Everyone needs to provide support for the formula, in your own words.  I mentioned several aspects of the formula to mention in a previous email.  Nothing else really matters on this issue.

Dr. Charles P. Milne, Jr.
Faculty Senate Chair
Faculty Senate Office W32E
WC E 314A

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