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Thursday, August 2, 2012

On Government Medical Care

I have 10 more years before I can be on this fine program, but, my husband just turned 65 and went on it last month. Thankfully. The Medicare with his secondary Mail Handlers Benefit Plan are covering all but a small copay of the very new, very expensive ($40,000 monthly) chemo pills that may save his life. That is just the one drug, not counting all the MRI's, CT Scans, PET Scans and labs, or the daily brain radiation treatments that Medicare is covering. Not everyone is this fortunate, not everyone is at least 65! We need Obama Care for the rest of us, and we need the Congress to keep their hands off of Medicare, swallow their bipartisan egos and do what is right for Americans! Ask any of your friends or relatives 65 or older if they want to get rid of Medicare or let Congress privatize it. I have family that are both registered Republicans, as well as Democrats and "None" of them want Congress to mess with their Medicare! 
- Peggy Kelly Durfey

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