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Sunday, August 12, 2012

New reality TV show centers around local auto customizer

"Absolutely, I'm a wacko."
Danny Koker isn't talking about some of the outrageous modifications he's overseen at his garage, Count's Kustoms. Or even his years as local B-movie host Count Cool Rider.
He's referring to his habit of driving around the valley until a car or motorcycle catches his eye, then chasing the drivers through traffic - questionable U-turns, high speeds and all - until they pull over long enough for him to make a cash offer for their rides.
Viewers can see this craziness for themselves beginning Monday on History's "Counting Cars," which just as easily could have been called "See If This Is the Week Danny Koker Gets Himself Killed."

Blog editors note:  Danny Koker ran the production department at his father's TV station, Channel 33, while portraying Count Cool Rider on TV and at personal appearances. I worked with him and his talented crew during my year writing, producing, and sometimes directing commercials. I also worked with Channel 5 and several independent production companies in town. Dan was, and I am sure still is, a really great guy! Those that remember his Count Cool Mobile remember fins,smoke, special effects and graveyard fog.

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