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Monday, August 27, 2012

Marketing Your Talents and Skills

In today's economy we need to sell our talents and services as if we are a product, a valuable product. While these notes could apply to any business, take a few minutes to review how they may apply to you or how you can use them as an actor. 


Be relevant, in line with what is happening now, the right person at the right time with the right service..

Be the best choice for what they need now...

Not yesterdays news...

Clients know you know what you are doing
Media loves you as current and newsworthy

Keep current and with value...

Social Media allows this with blogs, Twitter (hottest now), Facebook, others...

Know how to use all of these to their maximum

Encourage referrals and repeat business


Who is my market?

What do I have to offer?

What makes me the desired choice of vendor or service?

Why me and not some other person or vendor?

How can I improve my service?

How can I define the packaging?

Is my value up front and obvious?

Is my value easy to understand?

Is there a need? How can I adjust to where the need exists?

Will outsiders quickly be able to understand what I have to offer and why I am worth the investment?

What can I do to pre-sale, so as to take sales out of the time consuming service process?

What investments are needed (licenses, insurance, product, education, location, training, support, etc.)

What percentage should be invested in ongoing marketing, service improvement and product?


1. Know exactly how to describe what YOU DO and the AMAZING RESULTS PEOPLE GET FROM YOUR WORK
Have a relative relevant solution...Stand strong in your authority.

Do not shy. Just for yourself know your strong points and why people should trust and use your services. Know your success stories and the stories of those you have helped, or have been helped by your product or service.

2. Marketing messages need to be crystal clear and up to date.

KISS, Keep it simple.

Keep is current.

Keep it short but informative and interesting.

Think the space limitations of Twitter or Facebook.

Think will the message come across on a crawler or billboard.

3. Offers that get people excited to work with you.

Not just sales, but more contagious impact as obvious solution, tangible form and tangible results.
They will pay well for it if they perceive it as making them feel like they go the best value on earth by investing with you.

Can result in fast and dramatic income increase.

4. Get a following of raving fans who practically do their marketing for you...

Vocal, viral on-line and new social media.
Become the go to person.

5. Do not be afraid to be known and identified.


VIVA formula...

VALIDATE: natural talents that come to your naturally, passion, purpose, skills, talents

INVESTIGATE: any training or knowledge you have acquired. Training, experience, certifications, education, lessons learned.

VERIFY:****get outside proof that you are as amazing as your customers will see you as...
results, clippings, publications, blogs, references, testimony on results, credibility, Ethos, clippings,

ACT: Take an action. Take an action each day, a larger one each week or month. How to get your business in the hands of the people who need it most. How can you be seen (not sales, but promotion and self acknowledgment).

THE ABOVE is based on several seminars, with VIVA coming from seminar for

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