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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Life in Norway. Saying Goodbye to the Olympics, Clear Line on National Health Care. The Zombies. Cat Story. White Wine.


Migrants Targeted Amid Rise Of Greek Extremists(6)  (0)

Abouzeid Mubarak, 28, arrived in Greece six months ago. But after being viciously assaulted, the father of three says he is thinking of returning home to Egypt.
As the country's economy lies in ruins, some Greeks feel threatened and burdened by migrants, many of them Muslims. Human rights groups say authorities are ignoring a sharp rise in vigilante attacks on immigrants, including those working legally in Greece.

Sunday Puzzle

In The End, There Will Be Chemistry(0)  (1)

You are given the ends of the names of three things that are all in the same category. You name the category.

Americandy: Sweet Land Of Liberty

Chukar Cherries Offers A Year-Round Taste Of Summer(0)  (0)

Chukar Cherries uses 250,000 pounds of cherries annually in its candies and other treats. The company dries them all over just a few weeks each summer.
N3Washington state is famous for its cherries, but the juicy fruits are available for only a short time each year. Chukar Cherries, based in Prosser, Wash., uses 250,000 pounds of them annually in its dried cherry candies. Fans say Chukar's goodies let the sweet taste of summer last all year.

Music Interviews

The Zombies: Reaching Across Decades(0)  (2)

The Zombies' Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent in the studio. The band's latest album is titled Breathe Out, Breathe In.
Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone, founding members of the influential band, discuss what keeps bringing them back after all these years.

Your Money

Some Small Investors Still Wary Of Betting On Wall St.(2)  (1)

Traders prepare for the start of early trading at the New York Stock Exchange. Some say there's been a loss of faith in the stock market's return on investment over the last 15 years.
The stock market has been rising lately but many potential small-time investors are wary of diving in. People are afraid of the "flash crash" problems, and don't trust the super fast computers that seemingly rig the game against the average investor.

Author Interviews

This Election Season, Vote 'Sneaky Pie For President'(0)  (0)

Best-selling author Rita Mae Brown, pictured here in 1993, is know for her "'Sister' Jane" and "Mrs. Murphy" mystery series.
In author Rita Mae Brown's the latest book in her Sneaky Pie series, Sneaky Pie For President, her feline protagonist puts the mysteries aside to make a run for the White House and unify all Americans under an animal-friendly agenda.

Around the Nation

Maine Lobstermen Give Farming Sea Scallops A Try(0)  (0)

As lobster prices plunge, scallops offer fishermen an alternative to make money.
As more areas are becoming overfished, fishermen and scientists in Maine are developing a way to farm scallops instead of catching them. It's said to be safer for the environment and brings in more money, but the method isn't approved yet.

'Weekend Edition's' Taste Of Summer

Summer Wine: Look For Light, Bright And Affordable(1)  (0)

Summer wines
Before the summer slips away, we raise a glass to hot August nights — and their perfect wine pairings. Whether you're on the beach, on the go or at the grill, wine expert Leslie Sbrocco has recommendations for affordable reds and whites under $25.

heard on air

Presidential Race

Romney-Ryan Ticket Debuts On The Trail

Presidential Race

Ryan Pick Was Shrouded In Secrecy

Presidential Race

Democratic Platform Includes Same-Sex Marriage


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