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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Big names behind all-new downtown Las Vegas FM station

By Caitlin McGarry
Carlos "Big Daddy" Adley's music venues at 601 Fremont St. were scheduled to open Labor Day weekend, but music fans will have to wait until October for a first glimpse of Backstage Billiards and Fremont Country Club.

Adley has a major project in development on the second floor of the former Sears department store, and that project has pushed back the opening dates of his venues.

The second floor will be home to an FM radio station showcasing acts that perform at the two joints. Artists will perform acoustic sets and do live interviews before and after their performances, which will be broadcast outside the building for passers-by on Fremont Street.

"It will be like Times Square and MTV," Adley said. "You'll be able to look up and wave to whatever celebrities are doing their interviews."

The station, which is currently going through the approval process with the Federal Communications Commission, will have the vibe of the famous KROQ in Los Angeles, Adley said.

The station is a partnership between Adley; DJ Lethal, formerly of House of Pain and Limp Bizkit; and DJ Scotty Boy, a Las Vegas-based producer who spins at the Marquee nightclub in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

"The homework's been done. We're not throwing together a lemonade stand here," Adley said.
DJ Lethal is a partner in Backstage Billiards and plans to be in Vegas every weekend, if possible, to promote the club and host a show on air. He said he likes the vibe of downtown, and prefers Fremont to the more "mainstream" Strip.

"I came down a few months ago and checked it out, saw where the revival of Fremont Street is going," he said. "After I got more into it and did the research on the history of Fremont Street and the whole downtown - that's where it all started."

Adley had long planned to use the second floor as a radio station after opening Backstage Billiards and Fremont Country Club, but he realized the renovations would force him to close his ground-floor venues for a few weeks. He decided to speed up the radio station's schedule, delaying the venues' launch by about a month.

"Look for in the next several weeks the second- and third-floor windows on Sixth Street to be knocked out," Adley said.

Backstage Billiards is now expected to open at the end of September or early October; the Fremont Country Club at the end of October.

With Commonwealth soon opening on the opposite corner and restaurateur Michael Morton's Mexican restaurant in development on Sixth Street, Adley is expecting Fremont and Sixth streets to galvanize more downtown development.

"That corner is going to be on fire," he said.

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