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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Basic Levels of Communication

Intrapersonal communication is communication in which there is one person

Interpersonal communication, which is communication between two people on inside a small group of people in a less formal environment.

Since all communication is transactional, requires a transaction, intrapersonal communication is often seen in terms of psychology and not social communication.

Social communication begins with two people, which is called a dyad

In small group communication there is at least three individuals and can range up to what some social scientist cap at about a dozen. There is no fixed number.

The context in which messages go up and down hierarchies is called organizational communication.

intercultural communication is communication between (inter) cultures.

Public speaking is also known as presentational speaking, where one or more speakers address a group or audience.

Mediated communication involved the use of technology or tools that have limitations in and of themselves. Pretty much any computer technology, including e-mail, blogs, web posts, text messaging, instant messaging and cellular communication are seen as mediated. The use of video, audio, or images seen as visual or presentation aids can also be seen as mediated communication,

Today mediated communication is blending with all other forms, including but not limited to the use of video and audio conferencing, over reliance on PowerPoint, YouTube and other tools or services, and the use of virtual tools rather then physical models or examples.

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