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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Your Help Needed

We need your help...

1. Please share any casting calls, auditions, cast lists, clippings and reviews with us. Let us know if you wish your name used.

2. Send links, clippings, articles you feel should be shared with your fellow Las Vegas artists.

3. Let us know the web sites you go to for information about communication, critical thinking, media, events and Las Vegas news..

4. Be a guest contributor.

5. Inform us of links to the right that do not work or need to be updated. Provide updated links if you can.

And in advance...

Thank you!

Art Lynch

1 comment:

JASON MEJIA -COM 101- said...

I think this is a great idea! It's something that will be so helpful here. I know there was a magazine that did something similar. I used to perform and one of my singer friends showed me a magazine she would receive that would tell her about all the upcoming audition, but she paid for it. I can't recall what it is called, would this be a free resource? I think it's great either way, finding an audition is like striking gold