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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Public Speaking and Leadership

The best speaker I have ever seen/heard was a Colonel in the United States Airforce. I say "was" because he is now a Brigadier General at the Pentagon. It is amazing what great speakers many of the Higher ranked officers are and I guess they have to be. Speaking in front of a sea of Soldiers/Marines/Airman, they have to find ways to keep all of their troops stimulated. Especially since they are leaders of people all ages, gender, and educational level. This is really great advice and goes along with my motto; you get out what you put into something. If you are passionate and excited what you are speaking about, then your audience will be as well; as long as you are able to relate your message to many different groups in your audience. Being able to relate to individuals of all ages, gender, and sociological backgrounds is what makes leaders great, and what makes people want to follow. - Jess Kobayashi on Public Speaking Advice

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