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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Presidential Tax Returns

Presidential candidates regularly make public four to as many as 20 years of past tax returns. 

The average of party nominated candidates is 9 years. 

Ross Perot did not disclose, nor is there an actual requirement to. 

John Kerry disclosed 7 years of his own tax records but did not disclose any of his wealthy wife's tax returns.

Romney has released one and under pressure will release two years, far below the norm for presidential candidates.

But again, disclosure is not required under the law. It is a courtesy most candidates regularly abide by.


Anonymous said...

I would like presidential candidates to release their tax records, for one, even though it isn't required. My father is a senior tax director with a law degree. Growing up with that in the family, seeing the amount of tax dodging, 10 million dollar mistakes that are caught by simple audits on a regular basis, and the amount of shady acts that casually happen makes me want to see a president that will happily release their tax returns. We can't have someone in the White House that can't correctly follow the tax laws at at least the same level as the casinos do. It helps show that their level of trustworthiness and competence.

-Danielle Nunez COM 101

Jess Kobayashi said...

I personally do not really care what a presidential candidate, or the presidents tax returns look like. I believe that an extremely wealthy person is just as good if not sometimes better candidate than someone who supposedly identifies with the "middle class". A person who has had great financial success tends to have a broader understanding of financial planning, investments, and ways to maximize funds therefore making them extremely qualified to understand our nations budget. If someone has firsthand knowledge of dealings in the millions or even billions, wouldn't they be more likely to understand the issues that come along with big spending, borrowing and defecit? I think there are other issues that should be considered before their bank accounts. Policy, beliefs, and ability to lead would be my first choice. I realize the president alone does not balance the nations budget, but if he has a strong, successful financial background, probably he is able to come up with stronger solutions to our nations economical concerns.
- Jess Kobayashi