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Friday, July 27, 2012

Plant a seed, watch hate grow! FYI Obama is Christian!

34% of Conservatives Think Obama is Muslim; 

Double That in 2008

This is just embarrassing … the level of cognitive dissonance that exists in this country.  If you consider yourself a “conservative” – you are much more likely to watch Fox News and listen to radio shows like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck etc.  And if that’s where you get your media … chances are that you exhibit a tremendous level of cognitive dissonance.  It’s called atrophy of the brain and apparently it’s spreading in the conservative community.  As we’ve written HERE – studies show Fox “News” viewers are the most uninformed.
Pew Research explains their findings HERE:
The slight rise in the number saying that Obama is a Muslim has been most pronounced among conservative Republicans. The number of conservative Republicans who say Obama is a Muslim has doubled since October 2008 (from 16% to 34%). There has been virtually no change in the share of moderate and liberal Republicans who say Obama is Muslim, or among any Democratic or Democratic-leaning groups.
Because of the increasing partisan polarization in perceptions of Obama’s faith, a Romney supporter today is much more likely than a McCain voter four years ago to say that Barack Obama is Muslim (30% vs. 17% in October 2008).
I don’t care what religion someone is … Muslim, Christian, Atheist – it doesn’t matter.  I care about your policies and it is my expectation that a person’s religion does not affect their ability to do their job properly; if it does – I won’t support that person.  But that’s just me.  But the vast majority of Americans are uncomfortable with the idea of having a Muslim as President … which is only slightly more popular than having an Atheist president.  THAT is why the right wing machine would like to paint President Obama as “foreign”, “unamerican”, “other” etc.
As Think Progress shows HERE:

Gallup has findings that are similar HERE.
And that’s why Mitt Romney regularly repeats this in his stump speech:
 “The course we’re on right now is foreign to us. It changes America.”
~Mitt Romney
The 2008 campaign saw right wing media trying to paint Obama as “radical,” “foreign” and “different than the rest of us.” He was “Muslim,” “associated with terrorists,” “of foreign birth;” a “black militant,” “not a loyal American” or a “Marxist”.  But we’re going to see even more propaganda via bullshit courtesy of Fox “News” and the right wing echo chamber in addition to the 3rd party groups vying for the souls of moderate Americans.
The right wing smear machine led by Fox news has gotten so bad that Fox even allowed one of their own staff to create a 4 minute anti-Obama propaganda piece to air (source).

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