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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Emty Seats and Empty Words

Why all those empty seats? That's what both Brits and Olympic tourist are asking, as they find themselves scurrying to find a seat at any event at the 30th modern Olympics. Turns out in the rush to finance the games, massive numbers of tickets were purchased by corporate interests and are going unused. Also blocks for athletes and journalist remain empty as both work to make the most of their time training and covering events at the ground or behind the scenes levels. BBC domestic service has been deluged with complaints about traffic, alleged crime and the inaccessibility of the games.

Meanwhile, NBC is being criticized in the US for not living up to the ABC standards of quality sports journalism and minimal interruption. At the Opening Ceremonies NBC covered a moving tribute to the victims of terrorism by running a feel good interview with and American athlete. Music was covered by uninformed talking heads and the time spent promoting NBC's Today Show and other programs came at the expense of covering the ceremony and the games themselves.

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