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Monday, July 16, 2012

Nov. Election: How Much Does Fundraising Matter?

President Obama to be outspent

Obama contributions are small, many ten to one hundred dollars. Romney contributions are the one thousand dollar level, with PAC's raising millions from a single donor.
The cost of the entire presidential election could be between six and fifteen billion dollars (much of which will never have to be reported under post-supreme court financing regulations).

The Koch Brothers by themselves are spending more money to elect Romney by themselves than the entire John McCain campaign in the last presidential election, 2008. 

Steve Inskeep talks with two political strategists on whether a fundraising advantage matters in this presidential campaign. Mark McKinnon advised George W. Bush and John McCain's campaigns. Mark Mellman is a democratic pollster and adviser. 

This month Romney out-raised Obama in that is expected to be a billion dollar political campaign. When you add the PACS, overwhelmingly spending big donor money for Romney, the presidential race between Obama and Romney (not counting the primaries) could exceed four billion dollars. 

Even on at as low as 800 million, this is already the most expensive presidential race in history. In general most of the money is spent on a very small percentage of the voters, and is done so at the risk of turning some of your supporters against you. One, ten, twenty or a hundred people could make the difference in the election. Then too there is the world of advertising is to get far more news coverage and discussion on talking head talk shows. 

Never before have a few, led by the Koch Brothers, had so much power in a single presidential election year.

But will buying an election work?

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