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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kids Count report puts Nevada last in education

While the exercise in class is valid for Nevada ranking 50th in Level of Education, I belive this may be the study that was referred to by your classmates in discussion today:

By Trevon Milliard

Nevada's ranking for public education has hit rock bottom, according to a new national study on children's well-being.

The Silver State was ranked 50th in the nation despite improvements in key areas, such as the percentage of fourth-graders reading at grade level and eighth-graders who are proficient in math.
Education was one of four indicators used to determine children's overall well-being in the Kids Count national report to be released today . Nevada ranked 49th among the states for children's economic well-being and 46th in health. It ranked 41st in family and community issues such as teen births and children living in poverty.

Nevada's overall standing fell eight spots to 48th in the nation, according to the evaluation system, which was revamped this year to make it more "well-rounded, truer," said Stephen Brown, executive director of Nevada Kids Count.

To continue reading go to the Review Journal by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining this in class to get a true idea of the numbers.

Devin Murtaugh

Anonymous said...

These numbers are terrible, but the classroom discussion on the topic really helped get an idea of what factors influenced them.
-Nicole H.