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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Having a show premiers is like giving birth....

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Why Make Yourself Crazy?

Parents always say that when the first child arrives, they're nervous wrecks.  They baby-proof everything, sand down sharp edges, fret and worry over every cough or whimper or tumble.  But when the next one comes along, the law of the jungle takes over and they don't even bother putting away the sharp scissors and the industrial solvents. What happens, they think, is going to happen.  Why make ourselves crazy? I have a show premiering this week, and people always ask the same thing: are you excited?  Are you nervous?  Are you happy?


Anonymous said...

Im guessing parents are just like first time speakers. At first their scared but after they get used to it, they know what to do.

Anthony Chu

Anonymous said...

Why make yourself crazy? That is a great question, one that I find asking myself all the time. Well, because I have to! Everything is complicated. I have never had children, but I know how parents are. And rightfully so. I wish we could just relax, and think that everything will be ok. The reality is that things don't always go smoothly, so it's better to plan! ("better safe than sorry!") Especially when it comes to children.. it can take a child a matter of seconds to hurt himself- you can never be to safe. Now I assume that when the second child comes around the parents feel like pros! They don't need to put up as much stuff because they know what type of things their prior children got into or what was just a waste of money. I also think parents become a bit lazy "I've had to install baby gates three different times, and the last two times I didn't even need them downstairs". People get comfortable, but that's when accidents happen. I think you must always be consistent- try not to stress, but be prepared- I have found that, if you do it in adavance you won't have to be make yourself crazy! It's all about consistency and confidence

Jason Mejia COM101

Anonymous said...

It's a matter of desensitization to the whole idea of bringing a new life into the world. Once you've been through it once, you tend to worry less and just accept the more fun aspects of it. My parents beat me, the first child, with a belt for riding my bike further than one block away from my house. My poor friend that lived on the adjacent block never saw me too often. Meanwhile, my younger sister could run out into the desert and set things on fire with hairspray and lighters and only be punished for not coming home on time. My youngest sister goes out to the park with boys and smokes weed and only gets punished for not doing the dishes before leaving. I don't know if it's a matter of my parents not knowing what they're actually doing or if its just them getting more used to kids as the next one comes, but the children feel the effects of this parental desensitization phenomenon also.

-Danielle Nunez COM 101

Lisa Mendez said...

I think when people care if everything turns out OK or if they care about doing a good job., then the nerves start to show. Yes it does get easier, but that doesn't mean the nervousness goes away. We just feel more experienced at what we are doing.

Anonymous said...

I worked on the yearbook for three years at my high school and it was very similar to what Rob Long was saying. We would spend 9 months pouring our souls and enormous amounts of time into something making it as perfect as possible, but we would still sit and worry about what people would think when it came out. By the third year we didn't really care what people thought, it was done more to challenge ourselves.
-Nicole H.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't imagine having a child. For me that would mean 24/7 worry and stress. I don't have experience but I don't know if that is something I could just get used to.

Jason Cox COM101

Austin Rains said...

i think we give our celeberties to much credit for just being there for our entertainment many people get paid to get personal information about the stars and movie premeires become to big like we treat the stars as they are royalty