HBO's Girls
HBO's "Girls" is likely to get Emmy love. (Getty Images / July 18, 2012)
After the coffee. Before making my picks for Thursday's Emmy nominations. 

The Skinny: I'm glad I won't be getting up early in the morning to cover the Emmy Awards! Oh wait, I'm up early every morning doing this. Never mind. Wednesday's headlines include a look at whether women will clean up in the comedy category, Coachella is launching a cruise ship and summer TV ratings are nothing to brag about.

Daily Dose: Jeremy Lin's departure from the New York Knicks no doubt has many fans upset. But Knicks owner MSG has one thing to be grateful for about the guard's signing with the Houston Rockets. Lin's rise to fame last season nicely coincided with the contract between the MSG sports channel and Time Warner Cable expiring and likely made the deal between the two sweeter than it might otherwise have been. So even though Lin is gone from the Knicks, he'll still be contributing to the bottom line.

Ladies' night. Emmy nominations will be announced early Thursday morning. While the usual suspects -- "Mad Men," "Breaking Bad," and "Downton Abbey" -- are expected to again dominate the drama category, it might be the year of the woman in the comedy category. Among the shows that could clean up in nominations are HBO's "Girls," Fox's "New Girl," ABC's "The B in Apartment 23" and CBS' "2 Broke Girls." A look at which girls could have a date with Emmy from the Los Angeles Times.

Hipsters and stoners on the high seas. The Coachella music festival is taking to the sea. Goldenvoice, the festival's promoter, is launching the S.S. Coachella cruise in December on the East Coast. Hey, a bunch of kids drinking and partying on a cruise ship. What could possibly go wrong? More on Coachella's expansion from the Los Angeles Times and New York Times.

Goldman opportunity. Investment bank Goldman Sachs is looking to unload a bunch of Weinstein Co. movies it acquired after the production company went through a financial restructuring. Variety reports that Weinstein Co. is optimistic it can reacquire the titles, which include "The Road," "Vicky Christina Barcelona" and "Scary Movie 4."

The big get bigger. Private equity firm Providence Equity Partners is near a deal to unload two dozen of its its television stations to broadcasters Nexstar, Sinclair and Cox. On the one hand, broadcast stations being run by actual broadcasters as opposed to money men may be viewed as a good thing. On the other hand, Nexstar, Sinclair and Cox are already powerful players and more stations will give them additional clout with programmers and mean less diversity of media. More from the Wall Street Journal.

Summer slump. Ratings for the broadcast networks are down 6% this summer and cable is only up 2%. USA Today says none of the new reality shows, including ABC's "The Glass House" and "Duets" and CBS' "Dogs in the City," performed as expected. Furthermore, reruns of sitcoms and dramas have even less appeal in the age of the digital video recorder.

Throwing tomatoes. Don't upset fans of director Christopher Nolan eager to see his latest Batman adventure "The Dark Knight Rises." That's what the website Rotten Tomatoes is learning. Rotten Tomatoes, which aggregates movie reviews, is getting blasted by "Dark Knight" fans over the negative reviews on the site. Of course, most of the reviews are positive, but Nolan's fans apparently don't see the glass as half full and Rotten Tomatoes has suspended comments about the reviews from users. Details from the Associated Press.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Robert Lloyd on Larry King's new online show. Ventura County wants more Hollywood production.

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