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Friday, July 20, 2012

Dark Knight Shooting in Colorado

I heard about the tragedy in Aurora Colorado while I was no my way to the airport. I will be in LA until Monday morning, however I will be checking Internet and mail.

Is it the region (near Columbine), the gun culture, something about "The Dark Knight" (there has been lots of Internet bashing anyone who has anything but glowing things to write), mental illness or any other reason? What are your views and opinions?

I am sure you join me in sending thoughts and prayers to the families of the dozen dead and all those who were injured in this indefensible shooting at a screening of the latest Batman film.


Jess Kobayashi said...

Absolutely horrible. The guy was a brilliant student who dropped out a few months back. The amount of planning and preparation for this horrid attack on innocent people is appaling. A booby trapped apartment and car? This type of violence is an epidemic and completely out of control. I don't think this had to do with anything relating to the movie or location. This guy is a very intelligent guy who obviously thinks he is sending type of deep message. He went without a fight, meaning he wants his insane story to be heard and probably believes he did the world a favor. Taught us something. These sociopathic individuals are self righteous individuals who think they owe it to the world to "take care" of some problem. I am sure he sing like a canary and relate this to something political. WHats sad is, I am sure someone close to him saw signs of psychosis but just didn't say anything. Apparently his mother knew right away her son was the right person. He is a sick, sick person, and the worst sort of punishment for this man would be to silence his story. Not give the interviews, not glorify his attack, not make a book, a tv special. Just arrest him and pay tribute to the families only. He is a sociopath. And probably feels pretty important and proud of himself, that the President of the United States, stopped his political actions today to talk about him.He wanted to be heard. Mission accomplished.
- Jess Kobayashi

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the families of this tragedy. This is the third time that a University has kicked someone out of school on the grounds that they are mentally insane and have not notified the authorities, they have then gone on to commit these massacres. Schools are protecting individual's information a little too much. By respecting these individual's 'privacy' they are putting the rest of us at risk, and not allowing them to get the professional help they need.
-Nicole H.

Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart to hear things like this. My husband watching the news this morning was so discussed by his non-shelaunt behavior that he told me he would have a hard time not yelling at the guy to pay attention, if he were in the court room. I don't know what causes a person to go so crazy but it would be nice to know so we could stop horrific things like this from happening!
Gwen Dennett sec 4522