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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Can the Republican "job creator" tax breaks work?

Does trickle down "job creator" politics actually create jobs? Will the wealthy give up wealth to create jobs and increase incomes for Americans? The experiement has been going on since Reagan and look at the positive results on income. Who benefits from "trickle down" financing, tax breaks for the rich, allowing the private sector to look after the little guy?


Anonymous said...

Yes I truly think if done correctly the trickle down theory would really work. Its just people are more greedy n seld absorbed now a days that it doesnt work.

Anthony Chu

Austin Rains said...

if we allow ourselves to invite new policies that could help the economy and jobs yes it would help many americans want to save there money like anthony said

Danny Mack said...

Trickle down will help out, but to the descretion of the rich "top 1%." If the government starts to take too much money from the rich, then those people will not be too happy, turning everything back to the way it previously was.