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Monday, July 2, 2012

Body Language at Work by Peter Clayton

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Anonymous said...

When I was watching this video it talked about when you start a meeting or start a conversation with someone it is good to have small talk or let them talk about themselves first my husband works in the water department and sometimes has to work with irate customers and he says he always lets them talk themselves down so to speak. As he lets them talk they usually calm down and he can tell when he can start to talk to them. He also says people love to talk about themselves if you just listen they will be your best friend. Like you said in class today Listening is the 1st key to communicating. I thought it was interesting that you can tell if someone is lying or not if their eyes constrict they could be lying. Also you should look people in the face instead of directly in the eyes, I agree with that on some occasions it is almost creepy if someone is staring at your eyes!
Gwen Dennett