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Monday, July 16, 2012

Big Money and Secret Money in the 2012 Campaign

This is the most expensive presidential election year in many times over!

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Big Money and Secret Money in the 2012 Campaign 
With billions of dollars flowing more freely than ever before into the nation's political process, has the US reached the point where money is all that matters when it comes to elections? The balance of power between big money, much of it anonymous, and the average voter is stretched more tightly than ever before thanks to recent court rulings that have chipped away at campaign finance reform and transparency.  
Want to know who's paying how much to which candidate? You may never find out. 
Also, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wraps up her world tour in Israel, and a grass-roots effort aimed at getting average people from the left and the right talking about politics, instead of arguing about it. Sara Terry guest hosts.
Banner image: Screen grab from Mitt Romney's presidential campaign site

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