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Friday, July 6, 2012

Are American Kids Spoiled Rotten?

The latest spate of parenting books reflects what one writer calls "the nagging sense we haven't raised our children to be competent." Is it just the "generation gap" all over again or legitimate concern about the harsh realities of the current economy? 

Is Generation X growing up as they become parents? Have they changed significantly for the generation that stopped studying, put themselves first and felt they knew more than their parents? Has their respect for their own elders increased and their own sense of community?

Are we becoming a nation of "wimps?"

Are class differences growing?

Are we facing a depression, as we deal with static unemployment rate and flat job numbers? Can Americans afford to take lower paying and low skilled jobs?

Also, Libya's first free election in 42 years.


the mommy psychologist said...

Are there actually people that dispute that American children are the most indulged children? Just take a quick look at your kid’s bedroom. When you have everything, you’re not grateful for anything. It’s clear there is something wrong with our generation of parenting and I examine why this breeds a crew of spoiled brats here:

Katrin Clyde said...

the way parents can treat their children has changed they can't abuse their kids like they used to because of new laws and kids need some discipline but, parents don't want to cross the line so kids totally take advantage of that they have all these anti bulling things in school systems and I think it's a good thing because who wants to deal with crap at school sometimes for kids crap becomes to much and coping skills aren't the best when your little I think my generation is a little pissed off but, with time attitudes will hopefully change and kids will grow up