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Monday, June 4, 2012

Wisconsin Recall Tomorrow

Wisconsin's vote tomorrow is  about money, about the efforts and numbers of out of state donors and volunteers, the will of the people to come out and vote and the very issue of recall elections and representational Democracy.

Record voter turn out in Wisconsin will be due to out of state volunteers by the thousands, political PAC's investing heavily in advertising (5 to 1 Walker over opponent), Republicans shattering all campaign finance records in state history, Walmart throwing its full muscle behind Republican incumbent Governor Walker, the full muscle of organized labor in favor of the recall and the focus of a nation on the state.

The polls either are even or in slight favor of Walker, depending on whose polls you believe. Wisconsin is a conservative state, but also has a strong urban union base.

5 state senators are also up for recall, including the former Republican majority leader.

All are facing the recall a year later than was hoped, due to Wisconsin election calendar regulations. The issue could well had a different result, either way, had it happened last year.

The overall Republican agenda, the future of collective bargaining for unions, governor's control over state policy and the empowering of movements and politics in other states may be at stake in the election tomorrow.

Even some democrats oppose recall, despite a dislike for Walker. Recalls exist, they say, to counter corruption not policy. Regular elections are for the purpose of removing politicians for their politicial views and actions.

Others say that recalls exist as a method not only to fight corruption, but to correct politicians who go too far in a way the voters did not elect them to do so. The reality, they say, is that fear of recall keeps politicians honest and on policy. Walker they say ran on one platform and within days of election shifted his focus to his true anti-union, anti-Democrat, anti working class agenda.

Scholars have written that if a politician is elected on one platform and then executes a contradictory policy after election, recall is a legitimate process to correct the direction of elected leaders.

The tempriture on the street is that Walker will remain governor, but by a very tight margin. It could embolden him or it could force him to moderate in some areas, out of the knowledge of how split the state really is going into a presidential election year.

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