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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Supreme Court 1 / Democracy 0

When the Supreme Court of the United States overturned 120 years of campaign finance reform with one decision, it opened the doors to an unlimited and unchecked flow of corporate and special interest money, allowed the wealthy to have a louder voice in elections and shifted the American landscape. The first major indication was the election that followed the decision in 2010.

Tonight in Wisconsin the mighty spent over five times as much as the "powerful" Democrats, with their labor support and grassroots organizing. Governor Walker spent over $4 per voter, or well over forty million dollars, not counting special interests PAC funds.

The election was one that, without outside spending and interference, was thought to be an even it can be projected that the difference of under 200,000 voters (8% as the count settles) cost well over $20 a voter.

When the cost is so high in a state with two million plus voters, it can only be attributed to big money interests, not grass roots support.

Again, the state is one divided roughly 50/50 and prior to the election the governor was given a four percent advantage.

But the PAC, using their out of state wealth and resources spread the false information that recalls are only for criminal negligence and not for political actions that change the direction of the state, or the country, without consulting with the voters in advance.

To his credit, Governor Walker seemed humbled and at the same time positive, admitting he has learned he has to govern by consensus. That revelation comes after education has been cut to the bone and public employee unions have lost the core right of any union, collective bargaining.

He also looked like he was positioning for a stronger position within his own party in the future, perhaps even the VP slot on the ballot.

So it is that our top court made it possible for the party of the monnied corporate to regain the advantage they had in the 1800' and into the early 20th Century.

Too few study history. Those who control the lives of others feel they have a right to do so with their pocketbooks, in a dollar defined world of advertising, slogans, rallies and falsely painted idyllic images of the ideal world.

Meanwhile, education, the rights of workers, social services for us all, the rights of the poor and those who make up the rank and file of our nation....are sold the highest bidder, if only by a few percent in an election...enough to "win" and represent "Americans" while ignoring other views and the other half of our society.

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