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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Reading this blog...a key note.

Critical Thinking involves listening to the other side, seeing things from their point of view, and responding with informed perspectives...

Communication is transactional, requiring listening, understanding, and the ability to learn or change.

Symbols include more than words or images.

This blog has biased posts that are intended to get students to think, to listen, to respond. They are not intended to attack, make anyone change their views or represent the views of anyone whose material is used as necessarily correct, or gospel.

Use your brain and feel free to post honest substantive "comments."

Thank you;

Art Lynch


Anonymous said...

I completely agree and feel that many people have lost their aptitude to think for themselves. Especially in light of politics, people (from both sides) listen to their "talking head" pundits and repeat what they say in arguments as if they were facts; they never look to the root of the cause and they can't form their own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

I believe that before you can argue for one point of view that you think is correct you need to (as much as possible) try to be in the shoes of the other point of view. you need to not only know the points of what you disagree with but also why someone else believes as strongly as you about the opposing position.