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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ralph Lamb's 1960's Vegas a new drama on CBS

"Vegas," not to be confused with NBC's "Las Vegas" or the late 1970s ABC series "Vega$," is a look back at Las Vegas' boom days in the 1960s, when real-life Sheriff Ralph Lamb was brought in to clean up the town. In this series, created by "Goodfellas" writer Nicholas Pileggi, Dennis Quaid takes on the role of Lamb, called into the city from his ranch by the mayor to battle a ruthless Chicago gangster, played by Michael Chiklis. Filmed in New Mexico under film credits and in Los Angeles, the series found modern Las Vegas too modern and too expensive as a location. While other locations in Nevada would have worked, the lure of production incentives proved too strong.

Click here for a bio of the real Ralph Lamb from the Review Journal's "First 100" series.

(Sources: Hollywood Reporter, LA Times, USA Today).

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Jana said...

I thought Lamb’s reputation provided a great example of the fallacy of the band-wagon effect. “It was claimed…that if outlaws became too troublesome, Lamb’s men would simply kill them.” Because of popular belief, Lamb admits that it did help to have the reputation.
Jana Hum/114