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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Orwell on Journalism


Anonymous said...

Since they put it that way... I guess I want to be involved in journalism- it might be the truth! i'm tired of fake people doing fake things... Be real even if no one like's it! bree... week 5

Tano said...

She makes journalism sound good! Find out what people are really hiding...

Anonymous said...

This makes me think so much of the book 1984. mainly because it was written by George Orwell.
There are so many things in todays society that reminds me of that book. There is no provacy any more and you can not do anything without someone else thinking its wrong.


Anonymous said...

I agree with this posting to a degree. However, is journalism totally the truth and all of what people do not want us to know? If that statement is true, why do journalists put spins on stories and editors stop some stories from being published?

Anonymous said...

There were some points I agreed with. Some journalism is written just to sway your thoughts to the writer's point of view.