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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Media Get Health Care Ruling Wrong, At First

Audio for this story from All Things Considered

A number of media outlets reported Thursday morning that the Supreme Court overturned the individual mandate in the health care law, even as the Supreme Court was announcing that the law was upheld.

CNN and Fox both got it very wrong when the story broke.

"The individual mandate has been struck down" reported FOX.

"A narrow reading of the constitution may have upheld the health care mandate."

CNN later apologised.

FOX never did apologise.

Media relying on media got it wrong.

Obama was fooled by coverage on CNN and FOX and heard the truth from this own staff.

So, can we trust media?

The fault lies in ratings driven rapid reporting, commentary without the facts, and political bias on the part of media (FOX is Republican, and CNN is trying to be "even" by leaning Republican when it is to their advantage).

Only NBC and NBC's MSNBC read to the fourth page of the over 1200 page decision before reporting correctly, without error.

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