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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting Started on COM 101 at CSN


On PowerPoint

Where to go to learn more

Use the links to the right for a wide range of resources and ideas. Scan down in this column for topics, ideas, lessons and items of interests. Be sure to hit "continue" at the bottom to continue browsing entries.

The items posted are for discussion, not to advocate any position, idea or concept. COM 101 is primarily your entry to the world of oral communication, with public speaking as a tool and a skill you need to understand and use along the way.

Feel free to state your views openly, but no obscenity, slander or liable please. Your views matter, as does the critical thinking process, another component in this course.

Thank you for signing up for my sections of COM 101 at CSN.

Art Lynch
(702) 454-1067

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