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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CSN students and faculty needed for 1 PM Meeting at State Building

The President sent an email this morning about a Funding Formula subcommittee meeting tomorrow 6/20 in the Grant Sawyer Building at 1PM in Room 4412. 

At the May 23 Funding Formula meeting, individuals from UNLV said that it not only costs more to teach their lower division courses than at CSN, but they are better quality because of value added (the research component) and their courses have different learning outcomes.  They said that the quality of their teachers is far above the quality of our faculty.  They even said that their grad assistants are better teachers than our faculty!  

This message cannot be allowed to be promulgated tomorrow, and CSN Faculty and students must be there in force to defend our teaching.  Please come, and please be prepared to speak forcefully.  There will be time tomorrow for public comment.

You can see they came with a full broadside.

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