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Monday, June 18, 2012


Anonymous said...

I agree... the man's is more interesting to me... they are so simple inside their brains... boxes everywhere that have no connection to any other.. They even have a "NOTHING" box! you can tell they are in it when they stare at a tv all day, or go fishing all day... they just want to do nothing with no distractions! Ladies go to youtube and search for a tale of two brains.. you will understand your friends, boyfriends, or husbands like never before.. Men, there are understandings for you too! Bree.. week 4

Anonymous said...

Very true! I know inside my head it is way more interesting then my dull life. In my head, I could be anything or anyone I want. I could imagine I'm fighting a dragon like this guy. I think that is the beauty of imagination, you can imagine anything you want.
Brianna Dirden

Anonymous said...

Dreams and imaginations can be deadly... to be a dirty dreamer is a sin!!! Cast down imaginations and focus on the Word of God!!!!! Bree-week5

Anonymous said...

So true! Just in my day dreams there is so much going on and so many ideas I have If I could just project them into a movie It would be quite a show!

Leah-Anne Genet COM114