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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Morning News and Views, Part I

The first high speed Amtrak trains outside of the Northeast corridor are racing through parts of Michigan at 110 mph. But President Obama's ambitious high speed rail initiative is otherwise in a slow down mode. Lawmakers and some states' governors have not embraced the program. 

After rising for a while, gasoline prices are reversing, and this comes as a time of year when prices usually go up. Traders in the oil markets believe the world economy is slowing and less oil will be needed. The decline is gas prices appears to neutralize what had been a difficult issue for the Obama campaign.  

Mitt Romney delivered the commencement address at the nation's largest evangelical school on Saturday. This is the latest effort by the Republican presidential candidate to win over a part of the party base that has been skeptical of him in the past. Most of those interviewed are not happy the nominee is Romney, noting that he is too far to the left and is a Mormon. They say they will vote for him as the least of two evils. Romney did not mention his religion but did emphasize the common areas in belief and family values. Some in the crowd pointed out that the Romney who was a governor was far more liberal in his talk and action than the man speaking at their graduation ceremony.

Archaeologists working in one of the most impenetrable rain forests in Guatemala have stumbled on a remarkable discovery: a room full of wall paintings and numerical calculations. the workshop of Xultun is buried room apparently was a workshop used by scribes or astronomers working for a Mayan king.  The paintings depict the king and members of his court.  The numbers mark important periods in the Mayan calendar.  


Anonymous said...

I'm glad gas prices are going down but we still need to find alternative energy!

Alberto Sayson
Com101 4080

Anonymous said...

I think the Mayans were incredible knowing as much as they did about astronomy.

By Daisy Mayorga

PS: The gas prices are still leaving me with very little shopping money!