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Sunday, November 4, 2012

New bra is made to carry an iPhone

To:Lynch, Arthur
Subject:iphone Bra - Joey Bra

We ladies put our iPhones in a lot of places — jeans pockets, purses, wallets — but our bras generally aren't one of them. That may change with a new sports bra, the JoeyBra, designed to hold the iPhone safe and close when no other options are available.

The bra is the brainchild of two University of Washington juniors, Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow. "From our own personal experience, we know that women hate taking purses to dances, bars or dance clubs. Leaving these items at home can pose a safety risk, but with JoeyBra women will never have to worry losing or damaging their valuables again," the two say on their website.

They came up with the idea after observing their female classmates at UW. "Purse-less and jacket-less, women migrate from party to party in an effort to find the best social scene — however, where do these ladies put their cellphones, IDs or keys when entering into a party or event space? At parties, there are no coat checks, so they resort to stuffing all of their items down the fronts of their dresses or holding items in their hands — classy right?"

Hence, the classy JoeyBra — right now being designed only in leopard print, and not yet available for purchase. (The "Joey" reference is not to Joey Fatone, Joey King or Joey Lawrence, but to baby kangaroos, known as "joeys" that stay in their mom's "pouches where they're safe and secure," says Bartlow.)

It's a one-stop pop to get to your stuff, although reaching under your arm to answer a phone call or text message is, er, awkward, and not recommended on first dates.

Nor is dancing and perspiring heavily. While water is the enemy of every cellphone, sweat is not its friend, either, and with the phone being right under the armpit, well....

Like many aspiring entrepreneurs, Gentry and Bartlow have added the JoeyBra to Kickstarter, a crowdsourcing fundraising site, to get the bra made. A pledge of $30 gets you one JoeyBra, including shipping in the U.S. (international orders: add $25).

And, they are busy working on a sports version of the JoeyBra that will let the wearer hold a "key, ID, iPod or other small items while working out of running." Added features, including "a waterproof pocket," will come with future versions.

— Hat (bra?) tip to The Next Web

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First published 5-2-12


Holly Knowlton said...

thats the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Holding your phone in your hand has know become an inconvience to todays society...

Holly Knowlton com 101 4080

Anonymous said...

Claudia (UOP)

I love this idea. I had been waiting for something like this. I would love it especially for when I work out!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry bad idea ladies. "Allow me just to reach for my phone in my bra." Really!! Some people come up with the darnest inventions to make quick bucks. I have to share this with my girlfriends, this is funny. I would not spend a dime but it is a good laugh.

Anita Falconetti

Comm 101-4049

Anonymous said...

This seems rude and uncomfortable. Perhaps they will come out with an iPhone carrying jockstrap next (or atleast a thong). That would be kind of awesome now that I think about it........NEXT!

John Williams
COM 101 Sec 4049

Anonymous said...

This actually is a really good idea. . I hate carrying a purse but feel like I have to because things always tend to fall out of my pockets... So the sports version would be so awesome considering I have an Iphone so when I go running my Ipod wouldn't be an inconvenience.

Chelsee Henderson
Com 101 4049

Anonymous said...

Sign me up for the iphone jockstrap!
Brent Wilson
Com101 4080

Anonymous said...

That seems a bit akward to me.. I mean it might be akward to take it out and put it away in public ("excuse me while I pull my phone out of my armpit") and the fact that its so close to your armpit. And what happens if your working out, which is the main point of a sports bra, and you sweat on it?

Rebecca Johnson 4049

Anonymous said...

That's disgusting. Am I the only girl who sweats???

Jaimie Kurtz
Com 101 4080

Anonymous said...

I am that women that stuffs her phone in her bra when I do not have pockets. The waterproof addition to the bra is great AND it's cheetah print...sold.

Jessica Pena

Anonymous said...

This would only work with iPhones. Damn you, phone device monopoly! Everything else would be uncomfortable and most likely cut off your blood circulation.
I remember reading this old book of scams called "There's one born Every Minute." One of the scams was keeping an item under your armpit to cut off your circulation so you can "pass out" and the other person could take your pulse and see that you're "dead." After that, you come back to life, win the bet, and take their money. This iBra would reveal the scam to everyone.

-Danielle Nunez COM 101

Anonymous said...

I often put my phone in my bra, it's easy to access and still out of the way. I don't agree that it is uncultured or disgusting in any way. I think this is ingenious, though since its on the side instead of where women usually put their phones (either in the cup or under the strap) it seems like accessibility would become an issue.
-Nicole H.

Anonymous said...

Cancer of the armpit

Devin Murtaugh