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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mitt Romney Commissioned Pro-America Pins, Made Them In China

The pin Romney commissioned
At a fundraiser in Virginia last night, Mitt Romney touted his experinece running the Salt Lake City Olympic Games in 2002 — a familiar refrain — but also introduced a new rhetorical line about something more specific: lapel pins. He told a story about the “We Stand United” American flag pins he commissioned for the games, which took place just months after the terror attacks on 9/11. Romney touted his creation of the pins as a means to explain how he hopes to bring Americans together:
ROMNEY: And so we created a little pin and we notified people that we’re now going to be selling these pins and the proceeds are going to go [to charity]. … I just remember going downstairs after it was announced — we were in a big, tall skyscraper in Salt Lake City, and it must have been next door I think where they were selling these pins, and there was a line all the way down the street.

Complicating Romney’s patriotic message is the fact that the pins were made in China, according to a website run by the Utah state government’s culture department, as TPM’s Evan McMorris-Santoro pointed out on Twitter.

Outsourcing has been a latent issue in the campaign, and just yesterday the Obama campaign released an ad hitting Romney for “shipp[ing] American jobs to places like Mexico and China” when he led Bain Capital. Indeed, Bain was outsourcing jobs even while Romney was governor. And his top economic adviser Greg Mankiw (who was recently promoted to chairman of Harvard’s economics department) said that “offshoring” American jobs is a good thing.

Meanwhile, Lynn Sweet at the Chicago Sun-Times notes that a conference call hosted by the Republican National Committee (RNC) yesterday attacking President Obama for “high unemployment” was hosted by a firm in The Philippines (apparently a subcontractor of Verizon, whom the RNC used).
Below is from the Chicago Sun-Times:

Republican National Committee used Philippines firm to set up call blasting Obama on unemployment.

WASHINGTON--The Republican National Committee on Thursday stepped up its assault on President Barack Obama in advance of his campaign formal kick off Saturday in Ohio and Virginia--hitting him on "high unemployment" in the U.S. as the RNC used a firm located in the Philippines to set up the "messaging" call.
The call featured RNC Chair Reince Priebus, Virginia GOP state party chair Pat Mullins and Ohio state party chair Bob Bennett. The conference call was part of the roll out of the new GOP slogan, "Hype and Blame," a deliberate play on Obama's 2008 "Hope and Change" slogan.
When I called in for the conference call, I asked where the operator I talked to was based and was told Manila. UPDATE The RNC used a Verizon conference calling system. END UPDATE
During the call, Priebus said Obama was "the president of hype and blame," who said "he was going to be different, he said he was going to be transparent. ...He blames everyone but the man in the mirror."
Mullins called Obama "a cold, calculating, Chicago political operator" who "is not good enough for Virginia" and who is "not good enough for America."
But giving a company in the Philippines business is good enough for the GOP campaign?


Anonymous said...

A pretty funny blog. The Republicans ripping into the President while conducting their own agenda by "outsourcing" and complaining that it is the President's fault? Unfortunately, outsourcing could be one of our problems not having enough jobs. But no one wants to look in the mirror and take responsibility.

Anita Falconetti
comm 101-4049

Anonymous said...

Madison Harper com 101 4044
well that doesn't really mean anything everything is made in china someday soon even our children will be.

Anonymous said...

Romney is disgusting.

Jaimie Kurtz
Com 101 4080