CBS's Two and a Half Men
CBS is moving "Two and a Half Men" (with stars Jon Cryer, left, and Ashton Kutcher) from Monday to Thursday. (Adam Rose / Warner Bros. / CBS / May 17, 2012)

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Changing the lineup. Although CBS finished the season on top in viewers and made gains in key demographics, the network isn't standing still. While it announced only four new shows to advertisers Wednesday — three dramas and one comedy — the network moved some key programs around the schedule  including "Two and a Half Men," which is relocating from Monday to Thursday. A look at CBS' strategy and new shows from the Los Angeles Times, Variety, Vulture, Hollywood Reporter and USA Today.

John who? Quick, who starred in "Heaven's Gate"? Don't remember, right? Neither do I. One of the potential advantages for actors who star in expensive flops is that often since no one saw it no one remembers who was in it. That's certainly what Taylor Kitsch, star of Disney's "John Carter," is hoping for when his next movie, "Battleship," opens Friday. The Los Angeles Times checks in with Kitsch and how he weathered the "John Carter" debacle.

Leave Lindsay alone! The decision to cast Lindsay Lohan as Liz Taylor in a Lifetime movie about the mega-star is causing sleepless nights for producer Larry Thompson. No, he's not out late with Lohan. He's getting barraged with emails and phone calls from fans and friends of Taylor blasting him for hiring the troubled starlet to play her. The New York Times talks with Thompson about the controversial movie.

Who will buy what. The Cannes Film Festival is officially underway, so let the buying begin! Deadline Hollywood looks at who has the biggest wallets and biggest needs. As usual, it looks like Weinstein Co. head Harvey Weinstein will set the pace.

Snookie on an iPad? Cable programming giant Viacom (MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon) and Time Warner Cable resolved a long-running dispute and now the cable operator can offer shows such as "Jersey Shore" on iPads and other mobile devices. More from Bloomberg.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Opponents of the merger between actor unions SAG and AFTRA are dropping their lawsuit.

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