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Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Hatfield and MCCoys" music error and foreign location "authentic" scenery

 Bill Paxton as Randall McCoy in "Hatfield's and McCoys" History Channel Mini-series
Catching up on chapter 1 of "Hatfield's & McCoys." I caught the country congregation singing a hymn that wasn't published until 20 years after the story took place.
 Photo: Real life Hatfield Clan Photo from the 1880's.

Larry Shackley I have also noted how many British actors there are on the show. Kevin Costner's wife, the smarmy lawyer, and the preacher are all from the UK. (The preacher was on the Tudors and the lawyer was on the Borgias. The wife was in "Pillars of the Earth.") There are loads of Romanian extras because they shot the whole thing over there.

 Keven Costner, producer and playing the role of "Devil" Anse Hatfield in "Hatfield's sand McCoy's"

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