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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Everyone is giving up on print newspapers? WRONG!

Newspapers are dying, or are they. World wide they are growing at a rate never before seen in history, as literacy is on the rise, the interest of people in their community, city, country, region and the world increases.

The reason we, in the United States, feel that newspapers are dinosaurs comes on three levels. First, despite our crying about the recession we are affluent by overall world standards,so we have greater Internet access and spend more time on-line. Second we are a nation of decreasing literacy.  Americans read less, have decreasing intellectual writing level (now an average of about a 5th grade vocabulary levels with decreasing length and depth).The third is that we spend out leisure time rushing through activities, from site to site online, playing video games and not sitting down for a relaxing and slow read.

Contrary to what most Amercans think, our advertising based media structure if dumbing us down (there have been actual test and FOX news was confirmed as having that effect on its regular viewes), and not providing the very service of the free press pioneered in the US and now being actively fought for in most of the world.

Facebook is used by most of the people in the world or so we have come to believe.. False. One in 12, a very large and impressive number, do at least sign on once, but less than one in 50 use it more than once and even fewer have uncensored access due to the politics of most of the world.

Cell phones that are, well, simply phones still dominate in most of the world and represent more than 80% sold world wide.

Only in 60 Americans regularly reads an on-line only media, such as Huffington Post.

The model of free online content for newspaper and media affiliated Internet sites still dominates the world, representing over 98% of media access.


Anonymous said...

I still like reading a newspaper on paper. Maybe it is fading with the newer generations but some of us who still like to wake up on Sunday morning, read the paper and drink our coffee. My Sunday is not normal without a newspaper in my hand. My eyes strain with too much computer. It is my release from the computer until homework is due in the evening.

Anita Falconetti

Comm 101-4049

Anonymous said...

I grew up with my grandma reading the newspaper everyday. i live with her now and i read it after she does. My 2 yr old pretends like he is reading it also. Someone once told me that in Oregan or Washington or some place like that, if a child cannot read out of the newspaper, then they cannot go to 1st grade or something like that.

Nicole Baxter COM/ 101/4080

Anonymous said...

If that is true then that could lead to some old first graders and some above national average first graders.
Brent Wilson
Com101 4080