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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eclipse of the Sun on Sunday Evening

On Sunday, May 20, there will be a partial eclipse of the sun in Las Vegas.  For those who cannot travel into Utah or central Nevada to see the annular eclipse, the Planetarium and Observatory will open at 4:00 pm that day and will present Secrets of the Sun at 4:30 with a possible overflow showing at 5:00 pm.  The eclipse will begin at 5:23 pm.  Maximum for the eclipse, with 92% of the sun covered by the moon, will occur at 6:36 pm and the eclipse will end at 7:39 pm just before sunset.  The Astronomy Store carries safe solar glasses for viewing the eclipse with the unaided eye for $2.50.  It is unsafe to view the sun without proper eye protection.  Regular sunglasses are not safe.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was able to see the last part of it :D
-Johana Mayorquin HUM/114-