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Friday, January 18, 2013

Do schools kill creativity?

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

     Review by a student///   

        He   was   talking   about   how  when  you  ask  a  teacher  what  is  your  job  they  tell  you they  are  teachers  that  you  see  the  blood  going  to  their  face , i  think  thats  not   true   
because  they  picked  to  be  teachers  and  some  of  them  love  their  jobs  they  go  to  college  for  years  and  he  says  that  some  of  them  don't  like  their  jobs  that's  not  right .The   other  thing he does not  sound  the  words  right , i think  he  is  right  because  they  don't   care  about   kids  being  creative  all  they  want  them  is to learn  how to  do math  problems  and ,  kids  these days they  are  so out there in the world they are  like  5 years old they  would  be  on facebook  or even  playing on the xbox but in  school  they  think that the  kid is stupid  because he can't do a math problem or even spell a word .

   He  is  well  educated  the lights in the room  was  not  enough   for  a big  room like that there is a  lot  of  people  i  the  room and not that much light . He  looked  at  every  side of  the  room\i think speeches   should  be  like  that. he  was funny and , serious , he informed people with kids , education . He   was  a  great  speaker .The  only  thing  i  didn't  like  is  that  he was   not   moving   that   much . He would laugh at everything he said  for me if the speaker laughs at everything he says then he would not send the message that he wanted people to know .

I would love to stand in front of people like that and talk and not be too nervous or even turn red . When i do a speech and it won't be that much people in front of me and i get so red and i would not know who to look at .


Anonymous said...

This post makes me think of when I was in middle school. I remember in one class the teacher was very strick on everything and could never stray. I think the best way to learn is to find your own way to learn. If teachers could take the time to try different methods, I am sure they would get better results.

Leah Genet HUM/144

Anonymous said...

Anthony Chu
I think majority of teachers now a days are to much in to book they dont really let children use their imaginations. With the exemption of art teachers ofcourse.

Anonymous said...

I know for me when I was in school I always felt like I had to give the teacher and class what I thought they wanted to hear. Some classes you can put your own creativity into your work but it seems to be limited.

Jason Cox COM101

Austin Rains said...

looking back on my school years middle school lost its creativity when i was in there many of the teachers wanted to make the kids learn with no creativity and memorize there books high school the only thing supporting creativity was art classes schools need to advance in the arts and creativity because a creative mind learns better then one that isnt

Danny Mack said...

On a critical side, this post was kind of difficult to read because of the puncuation errors. On topic, teacher's should know what they are getting themselves into when they are in college. Their main goal should be to better the knowledge of next generation's kids, and less of just to tell, if that makes sense.

Eric Raba said...

Too many teachers nowadays are more concerned with sticking to a syllabus, than allowing the creative juices to flow.

Anonymous said...

i agree that this post was extremely difficult to read. i think when kids are younger they should be taught in black in white about certain subjects like math. it helps them build a basis for analytical skills


Leticia H RT said...

I think with this Standard student Attire it kills a kid's creativity because when you are in middle school it's when you are starting to find your own identity and you aren't really allowed to express yourself.