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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Can Google Out Perform Facebook?

As Facebook makes changes unpopular with users, there is a new love for G+? Really? Yes, really.

Three guys walk into a bar, and the bartender asks, “what’ll you have?” All three simultaneously answer: “Google +!” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Get it? It seems Google + has become somewhat of a joke that, even after company numbers show millions of users, nobody really takes seriously as a social network. So it’s a little surprising at all the love being shown for redesigned G+ iPhone app that was just released. The Next Web gushes: “Google+’s original app for iPhone never received much praise, but this latest iteration is, for lack of better words, surprisingly good.” The reviewer even goes on to call the update “sexy.” Yow - sexy apps! Time agrees in its equally fawning review:
The app is beautifully polished, with subtle animations and an extremely responsive touch interface that makes browsing through Google+ updates and photos addictive in a way it’s never been in the full-blown browser version of the service. And it’s got a look that’s distinctively its own. I’ve never seen anything like it from Google or anyone else.
You may have noticed that this update is for iPhone users, and you might be thinking to yourself, “Hey, wait. Doesn’t Google make Android phones? Why would it release an iPhone version and not one for its own phone?” You might also be thinking to yourself, “Good choice in shirts. That green really compliments your eyes,” but we should address the first thought. Google promises an Android version update in a couple weeks, and it may be worth the wait since it will have “a few extra surprises.” I’m going out on a limb when I say the “surprises” might be two cheeseburgers and a Coke, so we’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, did you get a haircut or something? I’ve never noticed how great your eyes look.


Brian Rosa Hernandez COM 101 4044 said...

Maybe if G+ does everything that facebook does except better. But with facebook getting better I dont think people will make the switch so easily.

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried out Google+ yet but eventually something as going to overtake Facebook as the number social media outlet...might as well be Google+.

Jesse Steele
Com 101
Sec 4080

Anonymous said...

Google is constantly innovative, it would not surprise me if Google + slowly or even over night took over Facebook. People want to be part of the next big thing. The more press Google+ gets the more they will take over Facebook. It's almost inevitable, we are a social society that loves new shiny toys.
Brent Wilson
Com101 4080

Glubis Valdivieso said...

i havent tried google+ yet but by the looks of things i would say maybe. I remember back in high school when myspace was the coolest thing ever and then all the sudden facebook came into play once i started college. Time just changes things.

Anonymous said...

Facebook will go down eventually no doubt. I don't know if it's going to be google+ or something else. Facebook still has a strong hold in social networking.

Alberto Sayson
Com101 4080