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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why the blog changed appearance

Apparently some Microsoft versions did no display the words on the blog, only the images. Most did. I found this out when the Phoenix computers did not display the words. Since I teach at the University of Phoenix as well as the college of Southern Nevada, I had to change, or now.

This is one of many reasons I do not like Microsoft.

It would not happen if the world were Apple!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering why the design changed. I like the change though. I like this look much better. It seems easier for me to see it. And its obvously good that everyone can see it. xD

Rebecca Johnson 4049

Anonymous said...

While I'm not certain I can agree with the last comment. Older versions of Microsoft? As well as, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are normally well accepted across most areas now. Whats funny for Web development is that you have to program across all platforms. It needs to work in all 4 major browsers, MS, Chrome, Firefox, Safari. It can be very tedious work.

Whats weird though is that it still happens if the world is Apple (safari) as not everything displays the same in safari as it does in MS, or Chrome. Even our school CSN Angel states it doesn't work with safari.

Ryan Clift
Com 101-4049

Anonymous said...

I seriously did not even notice until it was mentioned. Just shows how much I pay attention!

nicole Baxter COM 101-4080

Art Lynch said...

I use firefox and Phoenix uses an older version of Explorer, which is what IT said caused the color problem so words in black did no show up against the screen. They did not go into detail, but the old version ran on CSN machines and on student machine (that I know of). Why did you assume Safari?

Anonymous said...

MS users assume everyone different is wrong. It's part of their mentality.

Art Lynch said...

Phoenix only allow Explorer.