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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

U.S. Has A Natural Gas Problem: Too Much Of It

A boom in natural gas in the U.S. has driven prices to 10-year lows, threatening the viability of some producers. People needed less gas to heat their homes this winter, but at the same time a huge increase in gas production was made possible by new methods of coaxing gas out of shale rock formations. Click here for the print and audio story from National Public Radio.


Anonymous said...

Jeff (Phoenix HUM/114) Fracking is a method used to extract natural gas out of shale rock and other types of hard pockets beneath the earth. Natural gas has always been plentiful and abundant, however the US is using a down economy to extract the natural gas at reduced prices. What people fail to realize is natural gas can be compressed to a 600:1 ratio when cooled to -240 degrees and stored. It will never spoil and will retain its integrity forever. The viability of natural gas will never be threatened because yes people use the resource to heat their homes, but what they don't know is they also use it to cool it as well. Most energy plants now use natural gas to run the generators that produce electricity. Also most public transit systems now run on natural gas as well as most government buildings with air-conditioning units that run off natural gas. I feel this article is a government ploy to attract investers on a US product that will turn into one of the nations largest exported resources.

Anonymous said...

while its awsome we as a nation used less gas. its just plain sucks that the pumping more air polluting natural gas in the air.

sara phoenix