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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Test Questions in Inellectual Critical Thought

Could you elaborate further?
Could you give me an example?
Could you illustrate what you mean?

How could we check on that?
How could we find out if that is true?
How could we verify or test that?

Could you be more specific?
Could you give me more details?
Could you be more exact?

How does that relate to the problem?
How does that bear on the question?
How does that help us with the issue?

What factors make this a difficult problem?
What are some of the complexities of this question?
What are some of the difficulties we need to deal with?

Do we need to look at this from another perspective?
Do we need to consider another point of view?
Do we need to look at this in other ways?

Does all this make sense together?
Does your first paragraph fit in with your last?
Does what you say follow from the evidence?

Is this the most important problem to consider?
Is this the central idea to focus on?
Which of these facts are most important?

Do I have any vested interest in this issue?
Am I sympathetically representing the viewpoints
of others?


iheartblog702 said...

Even tho this asks many many questions its pretty straight forward. Cant get any clearer.

Miguel Santiago
April 15, 2012 753 PM

Anonymous said...

Simply put, this is great! This list takes all of the elements of critical thinking and simplifies their meaning. At work I am the person who asks 20 questions in order to answer your one question, but in spite of my questions I am the "go to" person. These are alot of the questions that run through my head everytime someone asks me a question. It is a great list that I am going to print and keep at my desk when someone happens to say I ask too many questions so that I can say I am giving you a critically thought complete answer.

Martina - Phoenix HUM/114

Anonymous said...

This have you thinking outside of the box, without you knowing it.
Juan Garcia
University of phoenix

Anonymous said...

I think these questions can make free association much easier to utilize. Any one of these questions can start a person mind thinking in another direction which may or may not lead to another problem that needs to be analyzed. The section about significance is a good indicator of whether your problem or issue is really what you should be focusing on.
Michael UOP HUM114

Karen Johnson Com 101-4080 said...

These 9 words are important words to consider for critical thinking. Since I have been taking this class, I try to apply this in my work and personal life. I do feel that I am able to get my point across more clearly with this tool.

Anonymous said...

These steps are very important in the critical thinking process because it makes you think differently than what we're use to doing so it opens up our minds to a number of questions and answer.
Phoenix Carmen

Jana said...

I agree with Karen Johnson’s comment. The nine words are important to consider for critical thinking (CT). Because today is the first day of my CT class, I am going to place these in my academic toolbox!
Jana Henning
Summer, 2012

Anonymous said...

Everyone should ask themselves these questions before really considering what is a fact. Answering these simple questions can help you educate yourself better and could help you write a better paper.

Leah Genet COM/144