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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ted V. Mikels

Written  April 23, 2014.

Ted has since passed away and is missed....

When I arrived in town Ted Mikels befriended my wife and myself, threw the best eccentric movie world parties at his "castle" and taught or worked with a wide range of crew on projects including "Mission Killfast" and "Chad".

A giant heart and generous soul, he shares with those who will listen about the craft of filmmaking, the way it has been done for a century, and the techniques of the .future

While he is not a union film maker, so I never appeared on film in his projects. He is prolific and a pioneer in many areas. I was taught film making in ways I never learned during similar classes I took back in college. Being around Ted led to hands on editing of film based sound, 16 and 35 mm film and as a Script Supervisor on two projects.

I am sorry I missed (and was not invited to) a screening of his latest Grind House film last Thursday.

Ted, and the people around him, have a passion for life and find joy in ways most of us never fully understand. I enjoyed and embraced my time with Ted, and the teams of talent he attracts.

In the years since the early and mid 1980's, my life took a different path, as a solid union activist and educator.  I have fond memories of the world of Ted V. Mikels, his friends and followers. My heart warms when I do see him at an event or a friend's home. I am very glad to see Ted is still active and making "cult" movies. 

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First Published 8/30/2012

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